You have now completed your order request and the shipping process begins. Let’s estimate the shipping price.

First, you need to specify whether you want the products to be delivered to your residential or business premises. To get the exact shipping costs, you need to provide your contact information, exact shipping address and press submit. We will work on your request and send you a formal estimate, giving you the cost of shipping as well as an estimated time on when you can expect to receive your shipment. We strive to deliver our customer products within a reasonable time, trying as much as possible to avoid delays. However, there may be some circumstances which may be beyond our control, and that is why we request our customers to order the products some days before they are needed to avoid any inconveniences when they arrive late due to external factors.

We have contracted third-party companies solely as shipping facilitators. With our high shipping volumes, we have negotiated with the shipping facilitators, and our customers will benefit from competitive shipping rates.

We are committed to ensuring that your shipment gets to you on time and at a reasonable price. We will find the most efficient and cost-effective shipping option for you.

Once the order has left our warehouse, we will provide its status information; our logistics team will be available around the clock, assisting you with any queries and concerns that you may have during the shipping period.

Depending on the volume, weight, and shipping facilitator, your order may qualify for liftgate services once it’s delivered. In an event that the services are not available, a forklift will be required. We will inform you, before placing the order, whether a forklift will be needed so that you can make arrangements before the package arrives at your desired delivery point.

We encourage our customers to provide accurate contact information to allow us to get in touch with you during shipping. This will ensure that no additional costs are incurred when the package is stored while awaiting collection.

Customers who would like to make their own shipping arrangements are allowed to do so.