With thousands of tiles in various shapes, dimensions, colors, and materials, choosing bathroom tiles may be a daunting task. As the wall and floor covering of choice, tiles give an easy-to-clean, clean surface that will likely continue looking good for years to come, so it’s crucial to get things right when choosing. To help you pick, here are 5 of the top suggestions that Nova Tile professionals offer while choosing bathroom tiles.

Make Your Bath a Distinctive Feature

If you have a bath bordering one or even more walls, a tiled zone encircling the tub is a terrific alternative, giving it outstanding appeal. Simple white tiles may be used there, or even a beige-colored wall tile would assist accent the area and be waterproof from spills.

Make Appealing Shower Enclosures

The interior walls of the shower enclosure should not adhere to the rest of your bathrooms when it comes to tiling. Why not choose a little different hue or even material? Light blues or contrasted whites, blacks, browns, or greys might work incredibly nicely. You may even use metro tiles to create unique designs.

Choose Colors That Are Appropriate for The Users

In the end, the end-user should select the color scheme. If you have a family bathroom, you may choose to use more vibrant, straightforward primary colors to make it more child friendly. If your family is older or you do not have children, a more fashion-forward color scheme might be used, such as stunning grey glazed tiles.

Pay Close Attention to The Quality of The Bathroom Tiles

When selecting suitable tiles for a new building’s bathroom, care should be taken to verify that the tiles meet the Euro standard. Water absorption, resistance to abrasion, frost resistance, dimension tolerance, symmetry, and flexural and compressive strength are all minimum criteria for the tiles.


Anyone seeking suitable bathroom tiles in new construction should take their time and evaluate a variety of factors. After all, tile replacement is time-consuming and costly. Certain tiles have unique characteristics that contribute to the harmony of an interior design. Once the appropriate bathroom tiles have been chosen, it is advisable to have them installed by a professional.  Quality tiles are very hard to find as there are many providers in the market that ell tiles which are not up to the mark. If you are looking for bathroom tiles, we highly recommend you visit www. novatile.com. The quality of tiles offered by Novatile are very appreciated and loved by many people.